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The RFID Technical Institute, Inc. (RTI) is an international global educational services company. The company designs, develops and delivers university-level education programs, seminars and workshops, for both the private and government sectors.

Staffed by experienced practitioners, educators and thought leaders in Supply Chain Management, wireless communications and RFID technologies, the company’s products and services address both the business and technology aspects of auto-identification systems, RFID solutions and supply chain performance improvement.

RTI’s curriculum and seminar offerings are developed in close association with end-users and standards organizations so that students can develop the knowledge and skills they require in the workplace. The company’s educational products and services are delivered directly to corporations and government agencies or through accredited universities, trade associations and other learning institutions.


The RFID Technical Institute’s mission is to design, develop, and deliver, world class educational programs to meet the educational needs of end users who are in the process of implementing RFID technologies in their organization. RTI is dedicated to developing its offerings by working in close association with end-users, vendors, integrators, educational institutions and standards organizations.

The International RFID Business Association (RFIDba) Affiliation

RTI utilizes curriculum content and quality advisement services from the RFIDba, an international, not-for profit, vendor-neutral, educational trade association focused on serving end-users who have a need for educational programs that will help them achieve successful implementation and deployment of auto-identification RFID technologies. (For more information on the RFIDba, visit : www.rfidba.org.)


The RTI team is composed of a diverse, comprehensive collection of industry thought leaders and real world practitioners with deep experience in the many technical and business disciples essential to successful RFID understanding and utilization. Our team works synergistically to integrate for students all the learning “pieces of the puzzle” to effectively understand and use this transformational technology.